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Blue/White Houndstooth Performance Sports Coat

Blue/White Houndstooth Performance Sports Coat

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Dressing up is back, but it isn't stuffy. This performance sports coat is half-lined and ultra-stretchy. You could swing a golf club in this jacket! 

Houndstooth is also back, but it has a new look. This muted blue and white combo is easier to wear and pair- making it the ultimate versatile style all year long. 

Wearing this versatile style all year long is made easy: this jacket is butterfly lined, meaning that you determine your warmth by choosing layers. Half-lined jackets can be paired with a button-up and overcoat in winter, or paired with a performance button-up or polo in the summer. 

The final fun detail: the lining of the chest pocket pulls up to be a pocket square at a moment's notice.

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